We can't help it. We're just pretty damn good at what we do. 


Truth: We understand that there are many amazing wedding photographers out there -we happen to be on that list. However, we also understand that every couple needs (and deserves) the RIGHT photographer for them. We may be your perfect team and you may be our perfect couple. If you like what you see and like what you read, please contact us to schedule a coffee date! We'd love to meet you!

Truth: We're suckers for love and we value the commitment that you have chosen to make to one another in marriage. We have also been in your shoes and understand what you're going through -we are here to support you. We love what we do and do it with excellence, passion, creativity, and great care. Our goal is to deliver the story of your day through beautiful photographs and video. We want to know you, your story, and everything you have envisioned for your Wedding Day. We want to partner with you to create images you will love forever, and capture moments that will tell your story for generations to come. Above all -we want, no, we need you to have fun. When you are having fun, your photos will be epic!

Truth: We really do love what we do and we are there for you on your wedding day. We are your ninja paparazzi and we follow you around like the star that you are. We will carry your dress and climb trees to get the shot -we work hard for you on your big day. We don't do this because we have to, we do it because we want to drive home afterwards completely 'done', knowing that we gave our all to your wedding. We want to go through your images with excitement and the confidence that you are going to LOVE YOUR PHOTOS. 

So what sets us apart?

You will always get two lead photographers on your big day -two experienced creatives who have the natural ability to shine under pressure all the while making it our priority to put you at ease. Your husband and wife team will celebrate with you, encourage you, and coach you. We are flexible and ready for anything. When you add on any of our other services, additional creatives are also added to your wedding team at no extra cost!  

Brett and Elle Reed, Columbus Wedding Photographers

Elle Reed, Principal Creative 

I’m Elle, I’m a little type A and very much a control freak and workaholic. At the same time, there's this part of me that loves a beautiful mess, absolute chaos, and whimsy. I'm a dreamer and a doer and I literally believe that if you decide that you want it, you will have it -whatever that 'it' is. 

No Pressure, No Diamonds
— Thomas Carlyle

I love what I do and when I decide to do something I put my everything into it. That is how I approach weddings -with everything that I am. 

What I love most about Weddings? I'm pretty sure I'm a Wedding Photographer because I thrive on change and the pressure that comes with the entire wedding day event and process. Every day is a new adventure and I completely love it. 

Random tidbits about me: I use the unicorn emoji a lot. I love Sci-fi and secretly want to be Doctor Who's next travel companion. I collect pins, stickers, patches, funky tape dispensers, and anything pineapple and unicorn related. My deep dark secret? I'm a sucker for cake donuts and would love it if you brought me some!

Wedding photography is my thing. I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t be doing anything else with my life. 

Brett Loves Elle Photography, Brett Reed, Columbus Photographers

Brett Reed, Lead Creative

I’m Brett, the original White Wonder. The guy that everyone likes to talk to at weddings. The guy that supplies the cigars and makes sure everything goes smoothly. And yes, I’m the guy that will dance party with you at your wedding reception. 

My favorite part of a wedding day is hanging out with groom and groomsman, it's a crazy awesome experience every time. 

Stuff I Love: Talking in front of big audiences, travel, watching MMA, collecting shoes, Sushi date nights with my wife,  and talking to random people at wedding receptions.

“I can't forget that I also love capturing the first kiss. It's pretty much a big deal”

Random Fact about Me: I proposed to Elle under a Waterfall back home in Hawaii after a 3 month long courtship that’s a story all in itself.


Gina Lovelace, Lead Creative

Hey! I'm Gina. I met Daniel in Ohio, we fell in love in Africa, and got married in Wisconsin. I love shooting weddings because I honestly love love. I guess it's really fitting that my last name is Lovelace so I carry love wherever I go. Weddings seriously make me so happy. I love the fast paced day and the happiness that comes along with it. It's seriously one of the happiest days of people lives and I get to share that with couples almost every weekend! How can life get any better???

Most Favorite Part of a Wedding Day: One of my favorite moments is the father daughter dances. They always make me cry. 

Quote To Live By: "And at the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy, and your eyes sparkling."

Stuff I Love: Daniel, Jesus, Mermaids, Aliens, awesome patches (especially on jean jackets) and stickers too, Raising Canes, LISTS, Warm Weather, Heated Blankets, the smell of a new camera lens (or camera), Pineapples, PLANTS oh wow do I love plants, Palm Trees but also Pine Trees, BEES (the snapchat bee filter and bees in real life), and so many other wonderful things. 

Cool, Random Fact about Me: I like hanging out in the bathroom because it's warm. Honestly, if we you check my snapchat you will see a lot of posts from me in the bathroom. I absolutely love hanging out with my husband, he really is my favorite human. If I could have bees right now I would. I want to be a bee keeper SOOOOO bad! I also have a knack for the inappropriate...and also a terrible speller.

Daniel Lovelace, Lead Creative

Hey! I’m Daniel, and I’m the nerd of the group. Taking pictures means having cool new gear, and telling my wife we need all of it ;) Weddings are so awesome to me because of the story I get to tell in every picture and video. When people see my images I want them to get lost in the moment of whatever was happening – make them feel something. Photo/Video is just such a blend of tech know how and being creative, and I’ve come to learn that’s totally me.

My favorite photo is one my wifey, Gina Bear, took recently. One of our brides was putting the groom’s ring on during the ceremony, and there was just something about it that made me want to keep looking at it. They were completely lost in the moment, and it was as if no one else was in the room; it told me a story!

My favorite quote right now… “Do or do not, there is no try.” Yes, I just went with a Star Wars quote. Being the honorary nerd, and it being such a cool time to be a fan with these epic movies coming out, I can’t resist. I mean, it really is a good quote to think about.

Aside from the important loves in life, I love coffee (and making it for people), dogs, making stuff with my hands, beanies/ball caps, a nice pair of socks, buying stuff, cameras, my Yeti mug, annnnd researching random facts about pretty much everything. - Faith, family, friends, and things I want haha.

A super cool random fact… hmmmm… I went cliff jumping for the first time ever this summer. It. Was. Awesome. You should totally do it too. It was a bucket list item, so it was super cool to me. Was maybe 30+ feet? Not sure, I didn’t measure.