23 Promises New Wives Must Make to their New Husbands

23 Promises (plus a few extra) Wives make to their Husbands:

  1. I promise to do your laundry because I know it isn't your favorite activity. And also because I think you might ruin my clothes if you do it for me. Sorry babe I love you but really... will you know not to dry my bras? (a tip for future husbands). 
  2. I promise to send you sexy messages… and pictures so you remember what I look like at work, but also know there are stealthy ways to do it in case you leave your phone out. 
  3. I promise not to post photos of you sleeping on Instagram. Ah, who am I kidding you look so cute. Okay I’ll just save them in my phone.
  4. On that note I promise to never stop just noticing you and telling you just how good you look... I mean come on you look so darn good and guys like to be told they are sexy just as much as girls like it. 
  5. I promise to take off your shoes, socks, and pants for you when you fall into bed after a really long day. Not because you asked me too but because I know you will fall asleep like that and I don’t want to get kicked by your shoe in the middle of the night.
  6. I promise to always plug in your phone and set your alarm for you (or at least remind you to do it) so you don’t forget and mainly because I don’t want your phone to die (I want to text you throughout the day)
  7. I promise to keep cliff bars and Fresca on hand so you have breakfast and BP&J for lunch
  8. I promise to learn to cook for you so we can eat. But I like it so much more when you cook for me.
  9. I promise to always let you just hold my boob even if it’s super weird…cause I know you like it. (For those about to be married or already married you so know this is true in some way for your significant other) 
  10. I promise to always warn you when my period is about to start and tell you when it's started so you can plan accordingly *cough *cough chocolate
  11. I promise to never take you for granted especially since I honestly can’t open a jar without your help. Like I really can’t open jars. I don’t get why I can’t...
  12. I promise to make a honey-do-list and not a do-this-now-list-or-I’ll-complain-and-complain-and-complain-until-you-don’t-want-to-do-it-list. (this can sometimes be a problem because I don't like to put up pictures and so I make it so Daniel doesn't even want to do it by being annoying). On that note I promise to let you do the man stuff so you can feel manly, I don’t really like doing that stuff anyways.
  13. I promise to wear bras and shirts that really do my chest justice so you can admire them while I’m hanging out at home. V-necks are very nice and my husband likes me in white :) wives: find those things your husband love you in and rock them when you can!
  14. I promise to try and keep this somewhat PG just in case your mother randomly reads this...I guess and other mothers...oh heck they've been married they get it! 
  15. I promise to take care of you when you get sick even though you will ask like you are completely dying…try having cramps babe just try having cramps
  16. I can’t promise that we will never fight (or disagree) but when we do fight I promise to always get over whatever it is I’m mad about. 
  17. I promise to never stop laughing with you or finding things to laugh at with you. Laughter really is a wonderful thing and it's even better to do with they one you love. 
  18. I promise that I will not get bored with you. I mean I finally found someone smart, funny, and willing to put up with me...I am not about to let that go. Plus when you find that person where you enjoy being with them in the boring moments boy oh boy have you found the one. Daniel is my NETFLIX partner. 
  19. I promise to love you forever and always…Once you’ve done a wedding, I really don’t know how someone would want to do that again. It’s exhausting and beautiful at the same time but honestly, something I only want to do once!
  20. I promise to let you have your guy bonding – bromance thing with the guys because I honestly don’t get that weird guy stuff. And they were sleeping in the same bed with you before we were and have probably seen you naked about as much as I have. Guys are weird. Plus I need girl time sometimes anyways.
  21. I promise to tell you everything. I mean really if you don’t know about it, did it really even happen? I promise to have talk time – pillow talk before bed because I really do care what happened during your day. And I mean everything!
  22. I promise to rub your back when you've had a rough day at work. I don't know how many nights I lay uncomfortably in bed just so you fall asleep from me rubbing/tickling your back. But hey it's a fair trade you are amazing at foot massages. 
  23. I promise to make you sandwiches not because it's cliché but because you like when I bring you lunch to work in front of all your friends. (plus for some reason I'm just really good at making sandwiches.


BOOM!!!!! I love you Babe.


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