My first wedding that I shot with Brett Loves Elle was somewhat spontaneous, therefore I didn't have a camera or any clue what to do. I went in thinking "how hard can it be? It's just a wedding" well that turned out to be the furthest thing from the truth. This particular wedding was a ten hour wedding and while I was used to working long hours, I was not used to working long hours in a high stress environment. 

I have a tendency to be really sarcastic so both Brett and Elle told me, be professional, over and over, I think I did okay in that aspect. I did feel out of my element though and shut down slightly. I didn't know how to be professional yet still personable. Pro tip: Smile and nod in any and all awkward situations, this tip would have especially came in handy when the groom wanted to talk about football and beer with me, the 17 year old suburban girl who had no opinion or knowledge on either of those things. I know that it should be a normal social cue to just be friendly in awkward situations but I must have missed that lesson so I kinda failed in that conversation.

I, for some odd reason, tend to have LOTS of fail moments and as a team we take the car ride home to debrief and laugh at these moments. I'm not easily embarrassed so I'm pretty open about these awkward situations I find myself in all too often but that helps with improvements, when I tell the team these moments that ended poorly, often they'll have advice on how to handle it in the future. 

The whole thing was not what I expected and it was certainly not an easy going event but it was fun in the end.. after I had a week to sleep. I was EXHAUSTED, I have worked 18 hour shifts and never been so tired, I'm not sure if it was the stress or the standing on my feet, but whatever the cause I looked like a zombie the next day, and have pictures to show for it.

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