Hey I'm Laura, Brett and Elle's Assistant.

I met Brett and Elle at a strange time in my life but it truly has been one of the most influential relationships that I have formed to date. We met at a church retreat and Elle was my small group leader, Brett was there too, I only met him in passing and all I knew was he had a pink mohawk, tattoos and danced during worship (all good things). After that weekend, I stalked Elle and fell in love with her photography, I talked about her for a solid week to my mom, and eventually I ended up at her house in Columbus. I live in Lebanon and at 13 I didn’t drive so I was always finagling a way to get there- brothers, Grandma, Mom, strange man on the side of the road (no, just kidding). I always figured it out. While there, I found myself in front of the camera and loved it in the most modest way possible. Eventually I got to shoot a wedding and loved it too, I just found out recently I was the first to shoot with her, ever. I must be special. Her house was my safe haven. Life got crazy for a bit but Elle and I kept in contact for the most part. I would catch her up on my latest issues and family happenings, she would say she was praying for me. Then everything got cool. I hadn’t talked to Elle in a while but when I was feeling really overwhelmed one night I decided to message her. She said "Let’s get dinner" during that dinner she basically asked me to work on her team and I knew it was exactly what I had always wanted for a job. And the rest is history.. haha. no! That’s what this blog is for!

As a photographer’s assistant I wear a lot of different hats. I'm to light em up girl, I'm the second shooter (or third or fourth), I’m the one that makes sure we have food (ha. there’s a good story), I'm the keep calm and be pretty, I make sure we’re all hydrated because I'm a weirdo when it comes to hydration. I’m basically whatever you want me to be and I’ll try my hardest to do it all with a smile.

I fell in love with photography through Elle and I fell in love with the business through this team. It’s such a cool opportunity that I try not to take for granted, Let’s talk all about it shall we?