^ not a photo that we took. :) Just got it off of the #wordswag app! | 

So, as most of you all know, I am very much an extremist and with a super awesomely busy wedding season coming up, I needed a creative romp. So on a whim, I decided to book my flight. Gina & Laura couldn't resist the travel opportunity so that's that. I was due a trip home, and with all of the growth our little business has had this year, I figured, Why the heck not? So... The last few trips home I brought my twin (our 5 year old, Kingston), so getting to shoot the things that I really wanted to shoot was a little out of reach for me. However, this trip is going to be different... I have Laura & Gina coming along with! woohoo! (Now I can bring my giant diffuser & lighting). #win

Don't get me wrong, I am ever so bummed out that we are leaving the boys behind on this trip, but they'll be on the next one! I have soooo many ideas in my mind for some great shots... I don't even know where to start. but I'm thinking I'd like to incorporate the ocean, confetti, glitter, bubbles, a sunset or two and whatever else we can fit into the frame. 

I've decided to open our schedule up for portrait sessions & engagement sessions. Session rates start at $150 (seriously guys, that's a deal). So if you want in, please send me an e-mail asap: 

Not sure when we'll be back, although I'd like to get into one of the bridal shows out there... #yesplease #notravelfeesforhawaiiweddings <- seriously.

Interesting in modeling? Send me an e-mail & a head shot.