As said in my last blog, I have lots of blond moments and here's some things I've learned from those:

Do not under any circumstance break up with your boyfriend right before a wedding.

  • It was the day before that I was talking to Brett and Elle about said boyfriend and they made me realize that I didn't really even like the guy and had no reason to be dating him. So I decided, against better judgement, to end it before I had the chance to change my mind. Well.. I do not recommend this option. I'm all for break ups, they suck but I think they're good in the end. If you do it the night before a wedding, every single love-y thing will remind you of your ex and it will make you question yourself and mainly just feel real sad and that's a thing you don't want to be at your clients BIG DAY. so yeah, no go on breaking up before weddings. 

Keep your weirdo thoughts to yourself unless you absolutely must share, then do so in the privacy of a car or somewhere very, very far away from the wedding. 

  • This is a *face palm* moment to this day: picture this, the bride is getting into her beautiful dress with her loved ones surrounding her as well as the photographers who she knows.. kinda. Completely exposed before she gets into her dress and then all of a sudden you get a whiff of hotdog. In this situation probably don't say out loud "Do you smell hot dogs?" Nope, no go.. once again. Luckily I was in the corner away from the bride and said it to Brett quietly but I'm still embarrassed to this day.

If you were to get hit on...

  • I was on my way out to the car to get the ice light, my baby, and there happened to a very drunk man/boy standing outside the door. He opened the door for me in a very dramatic chivalrous way and then proceeded to say to me "Will you make out with me??" Score one for past Laura, I said "Uh.. No thanks" but I highly recommend just walking swiftly away after this happens. Not asking him if he's okay, damn my caring disposition. He said he just had a very hard night. I'm sure he doesn't remember this rejection so I don't feel that bad.

Try to avoid looking pretty

  • I try hard to dress comfortably when I'm working with Brett Loves Elle therefore I'm usually looking a perfect combination of business casual and sloppy hobo. It's great. With that said, I'm not looking especially "cute" but I seem to attract strange men. 
    • Example One: one kind groomsman had kinda hit on me all day then after he got completely sloshed, he asked if I'd go out to the beer garden with him, oblivious to what was goin' down I said "Yeah sure, why?" He informed me that he had something to say to the bride and groom. Well all I had in my hand was the goPro but proceeded to go outside, only then to realize #1 I shouldn't be alone out here and #2 I am severely lacking lighting. So I paged Elle and asked her to come outside. He talked rubbish to the camera and I avoided him the rest of the evening. 
    • Example two: The DJ. This one I didn't know was happening until Brett told me. But I was at a wedding and sitting outside (not alone this time, I learned last time not to do that) and next thing I know the DJ has pulled a chair up awkwardly next to me and tried to converse. I was oblivious and Brett told called me over and we went inside. He told me later that the guy kinda weirded him out and was totally hitting on me. Welp. Who knew! 

I'm sure there are more I'm forgetting and many more to come unfortunately, but I'm getting better.. slowly but surely. 

  SARAH + JOSH | MARRIED  \\ #lightemuplaura, also a wedding dress unruffler. 

SARAH + JOSH | MARRIED \\ #lightemuplaura, also a wedding dress unruffler.