WEDDING DAY TIPS: Save-the-Date Etiquette

WEDDING DAY TIPS: Save-the-Date Etiquette 

When Should I Send Save The Dates?

As a wedding photographer, and someone with a ton of random knowledge regarding weddings, one of the most frequent questions I'm asked are in regards to when to send Save-the-Dates. If you even need to send Save-the-Dates and when to send invites (this is normally at the Engagement session). Save-the-Dates, Invites, and guest lists oh my! But really, I didn't know any of these things before my own wedding so I'm here to help and answer any and all questions!

I have created a list to help answer the questions you will probably be asking me! 

1. Do you have to send out Save-the-Dates? 

Save the Dates are becoming more and more of a common courtesy especially with destination weddings and three day weekends. Sending out Save-the-Dates are important especially if you are marrying during holiday weekends, destination weddings, and high-travel times. Now, you don't have to send then out if you don't want to but it can definitely help inform the guests you would really like to attend with ample time to plan ahead and make travel arrangements. 

2. When do you send out Save-the-Dates? 

I'd say six months is a great starting point to give your guests time to book their plane tickets, save some cash, and take time off. If your wedding is a bit farther then a couple of hours or a serious destination wedding sending out invites eight months in advance would give your guests plenty of time to plan accordingly. If you wait too long it may as well be an invite. 

3. Do you have to send Save-The-Dates to everyone? 

You only have to send the Save-the-Dates to the people you want to attend. Even if some of your guests have already confirmed that they will attend (like siblings, bridesmaids, or parents). Save-the-Dates great reminders for your guests and only send them to the people you actually want to attend. 

4. Do you add info about "and guest" on the Save-the-Dates or save that for the invites? 

You want to be as up front as you possibly can...even this early in advance. Especially if you have decided to have a wedding without children in attendance. This gives the parents time to plan for a sitter. It's even a great idea to include the actual names of the guests you are inviting on the envelope. This way there isn't any confusion about whether or not certain people can bring a guest or not. 

5. What if you've send out Save-the-Dates and you changed the date/location?

Well, hopefully you didn't send out Save-the-Dates without setting your date and location in stone. But things happen...weddings can be a crazy and unexpected scenarios occur all the time. So if this happens get on the phone, update your wedding website, or just spread the word the best you can. If your wedding invite list is too big enlist the help of your bridal party and family members. Spreading the word this way can be a little less confusing than sending out new Save-the-Dates with an explanation. But if you feel like that's the best option don't let us stop you. 

6. Where do you put information about your wedding website? 

The wedding website is usually put on your Save-the-Date. It can be super simple like "" is perfect! Now if you don't want to send out Save-the-Dates then you can simply add the wedding website to your invites. You want your guests to have access to your website for everything they need to know about your wedding as soon as possible. 

Hopefully this blog helps all my brides out there in regards to your Save-The-Dates!! You got this ladies!!! 

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