So I don't know what is in the water in the WHOLE state of Ohio, but literally everyone is pregnant ... okay so maybe not everyone but just about. I don't know, maybe it's my age. Am I getting old? Well either way, remember that I have three best friends who got married the same year I did? Turns out Amanda has a beautiful little baby boy and Alissa has a baby boy due in 7 weeks... Ahhhh there are babies everywhere! And where there are babies there are mothers who want maternity photos. I think I've taken more photos of pregnant women than I have anyone else recently which is harder than one would think.

There are factors to pay attention to while taking photos of pregnant women:

1.) They are always hungry - snacks are encouraged 

2.) They always have to pee - never be too far from a bathroom for very long

3.) Every pose is super uncomfortable 

4.) Their clothes don't fit the way they would like them too

5.) They have curves - this one goes along with #4 

6.) Maternity clothes are different than normal clothes – crinkly sides on their shirts and extra cloth on the top of their jeans. You get it…

So for me to completely understand what it was like to be pregnant to become the best photographer I can be, I put a flannel in my shirt while Alissa was in the bathroom and became the pregnant woman. Now folks I am so NOT pregnant and will not be for quite a few years but for 5 minutes I was the pregnant woman. I must say I rocked it as a pregnant woman! But so did Alissa :) 

 ^ Me, Before the Flannel belly > After the Flannel belly. #notpregnant 

We'll be blogging more of this epic session soon | Brett Loves Elle Photography