In my last post I talked in depth about a First Look and promised to post a blog about a No Look First Look. So here I am! In preparation for this post I was able to go into the archives of Brett loves Elle photography and look up some weddings with No Look First Looks. I had way too much fun with this. These photos are adorable. Not only did I get to go back in time and find some cool photos but Daniel and I were able to shoot a beautiful wedding where the Bride and Groom decided on a No Look First Look. I am so in love with the photos of that wedding I will probably link it in this blog. 

What is a No Look First Look? 

A No Look First Look is kind of a confusing term. A First Look is when the Bride and Groom see each other before the ceremony but a No Look First Look is when the Bride and Groom have a pre-ceremony intimate moment together without seeing each other. This can be behind a door, on the other side of a tree, blind folded, or so many other amazing ideas! 

Why do couples choose a No Look First Look? 

     I'm so glad you asked!!

Many couples feel that the traditional route is the best way to go. That is completely fine! Many Photographers will recommend doing a First Look if timelines are tight. Plus, a First Look will usually double the images captured during Bride and Groom Portraits and Bridal Party Photos. But that doesn't mean you HAVE to have a First Look. A No Look First Look is a great alternative and makes for some super cute photos too!!! 

Some couples simply want the first time they see each other to be when the Bride walks down the isle. If you feel that is you I would recommend a No Look First Look! It maximizes your chances of awesome photos! 

Quick Tip: Ask your photographer(s) if they can do photos of just the Groom (and his groomsmen) and the Bride (and her bridesmaids) before the wedding to help the timeline. 


  1. Pray together
  2. Exchange gifts
  3. Write each other vows 
  4. Read each other vows out loud
  5. Write a note
  6. Each of you on either side of a tree
  7. Each of you on either side of a door
  8. Hiding behind a corner
  9. Holding hands around a corner
  10. Wear blindfolds 
  11. Both of you back to back (eyes covered with your hands) 
  12. If there are balconies, the bride could be on one level and the groom on another
  13. Hold a bunch of balloons up between the two of you

For you visual Brides, here is a Pinterest board to help you see it: No Look First Look 

Aubrey + Josh 

Our first couple is Aubrey and Josh, they were married May 30th of this year at Iron Gate Equestrian Center. Aubrey and Josh decided to exchange letters they had written to each other, pray together, and shared an intimate time for their No Look First Look. You can see some more of their photos by clicking this link: Aubrey+Josh

Lauren + Ty

Our second couple is Lauren + Ty, they were married June 4th 2016 at The Vault. For their their 'No Look First Look' they decided to exchanges letters right outside the venue. I absolutely LOVE the urban look and feel to their photos. You can see some more of their photos by clicking this link: Lauren+Ty

Morgan + Peter

Our final couple is Morgan + Peter, they were married at The Loft at Pickwick Place in Bucyrus, Ohio. They were married June 26th of 2016. For Morgan & Peter they felt a "No Look First Look" would be the best for them, they exchanged gifts, cards, and were able to pray together before they walked down the isle. Such a sweet moment. You can see some more of their photos by clicking this link: Morgan+Peter

There are so many awesome ideas for a No Look First Look! So, if you feel like you like the idea of a First Look but don't want your Groom to see you before the wedding or for you to see your Groom before the wedding this is a great alternative. Plus I just wanted all of our couples to know exactly what each of these wedding terms meant!

Happy Wedding Planning!

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