I have decided to start a new series called KEEP CALM AND WEDDING ON for all the forgotten questions the days before the wedding and the ones for the day of the wedding. And believe me...there are tons of questions. Elle and I came up with at least eight off the top of our heads. I'm super excited to start writing this series! 

I was trying so hard to find a title for this series and man was it a struggle. My mom finally came up with the title Keep Calm and Wedding of course I had to google some ideas and there were no Keep Calm and Wedding On images. There were Keep Calm and Marry On, Keep Calm and Hire a Wedding Planner, Keep Calm and Say I Do, and all kinds of awesome wedding related Keep Calm images. So I realized I had to make my own. 

Here it is folks, my very own version of Keep Calm Carry On. The point of this blog is to answer all those questions you will be asking...from when do I bustle to what you do when you cut the cake to having two garters and bouquets. Just know your wedding really will go on. Don't stress about all those things and remember you are getting married to the man of your dreams for the rest of your life. It goes by so quickly and you just need to savor the moment. And really, when in doubt ask your photographer they should know these things. *cough *cough or just read my blog! 

So all in all I really do hope this eases some stress the day of your wedding. We want our special day to be an awesome time...especially for you and your soon to be hubby!!!