KEEP CALM AND WEDDING ON: You May Now Kiss the Bride



"You may now kiss the bride" is one of my favorite wedding sayings and who doesn't love a great first kiss photo? Every couple is so different and it's always fun to see what they will do. The simple and sweet? The Breakfast club? The dip? Or maybe the hunch (this was me by the way - Daniel is about a foot taller than me so it's a struggle to kiss him and look cute or not fall over). Whatever you do you have officially just sealed the deal and will spend the rest of your life with the one you love. HOW COOL!

I just have a few pointers to help you get the very best first kiss photo you possible can. We make sure to tell each of our couples these EVERY wedding...

1. Guys, hold the kiss

I mean, is that really the worst thing that could happen? Probably not. We really have you in mind here. It doesn't have to be minutes long but a lot longer than 5 seconds. Even if you have to think in your head, "man, I love this girl and can't wait to spend the rest of my life with her. Oh wait, we're married now!' That's plenty of time to relish in the kiss and for us to snap a few pictures. 

2. Have the officiant step out of the way

You will thank us later for this. Many couples love showing off their first kiss on social media, but the last thing that you want to see is your officiants face peering through your kiss! Your officiant will be happy to move out of the way -all you have to do is remind them! Now, it's not life or death but it makes the first kiss completely only about the bride and groom. That way if it rocks you could blow it up on a 20X30 canvas and show the world you love to kiss!!! 

3. Be prepared to kiss again

You've been announced as Mr & Mrs and now you're coming back up the aisle. We'll be at the back of that aisle taking snaps of your recessional and one of our favorite images to capture is a kiss with your guests behind you. Don't fret, we'll direct you to stop and smooch. So, hopefully you don't mind kissing again ;)


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