KEEP CALM AND WEDDING ON: So...Do We Just Cut the Cake?

KEEP CALM AND WEDDING ON: So...Do We Just Cut the Cake? 

COME ON...we ALL know how to cut a cake.

We've had countless birthday parties, parties with cake, and honestly if you haven't just eaten a cake for yourself have you really lived? We take the knife and we cut it up. Duh! Seems easy enough but when it comes to your wedding day it gets a little more in depth. I mean we don't usually take a play by play of you cutting a birthday cake. Right?

While writing this blog I felt it necessary to look up info about cake cutting traditions. It's kind of my favorite pastime to learn about all the traditions behind why we do what we do at weddings. I JUST NEED TO KNOW! I tend to have a good chuckle and love to share my finds. 


The tradition dates back to Ancient Roman times that includes "breaking the cake over the Bride's head." Ahhh. That doesn't sound good! In all my research of traditions it tends to revolve around the Bride and they all seem to mean good luck or good fortune. The same is true for the "breaking the cake over the Bride's head" in Ancient Roman times it was a cake of wheat or barley symbolizing good fortune. After cutting it, the couple would eat a few of the crumbs and guests would then be able to gather up the crumbs to take as tokens of good luck. At one time the "breaking of the cake over the Bride's head" was where they crumbled the cake over her head. 

Thankfully that tradition has evolved over time and today the ceremonial cutting of the cake is a classic element of the reception. Not only is it a now a great photos opportunity it is considered one of the fist tasks that Bride and Groom execute together. It turned into a Bride and Groom task after wedding cakes because a lot more extravagant and cutting the cake alone became more difficult for just the Bride. If became a need for the Bride and Groom to cut the cake because she needed his extra muscle to get through the layers. 



I've come up with a few tips and tricks to help you navigate the complicated cake cutting process. 

Plan ahead: 

1. You will need a knife and spatula to cut and pick up your cake. Many couples have special keepsake utensils to use for their anniversaries. 

  • Ask your parents if there are any heirloom utensils
  • Some couples decide to engrave their knife with their wedding date or initials

2. More often than not the couples will cut from the bottom tier because it is much more stable then the top tier (no one wants their cake to fall on top of them while cutting it).

  • Plan ahead. If you want to cut the bottom tier tell your baker to make that tier your favorite cake

3. Most couples save the top tier of their cake or two pieces to eat for their first wedding anniversary

  • Just let your caterers know what you would like for them to save for you. (they will cut up the rest of your cake for you and serve it to your guests)

4. To smash or not to smash.

  • Talk about whether or not you want to be gentle while feeding each other the cake or not
  • If you plan to be a little more civil ask for a plate and fork so you don't have to feed it to each other with your hands. (Less chance of getting it smashed in your face as well)  

Stephanie & Drew had cute engraved utensils for their Wedding Day! 

Your Wedding Day: 

1. Ask you photographers where they want you for the best possible photos. 

2. We always tell our couples to take their time. There is no rush. Smile. Kiss. Look at each other. That way you can get the photos you'd like. Listen to your photographers because they will direct you on what to do just like your formals. 

3. Have fun! You are cutting your cake with your husband or wife! It should be a fun experience. Don't feel like you are doing it wrong. Believe me, so many people have asked me what to do. Just ask. 

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