KEEP CALM AND WEDDING ON: What Do I Do With My Engagement Ring?

KEEP CALM AND WEDDING ON: What Do I Do With My Engagement Ring? 

I am often asked by the bride (THE DAY OF THE WEDDING) what she is supposed to do with her engagement ring. This is a great question and honestly one of the easier ones for me to answer. 


I have however found three options that are great options! 

Three Options for Your Wedding Ring:

  1. Most people move their engagement rings to their right hand so the wedding ring will not be "upstaged" and so that the wedding ring can be placed first on your finger, this is a traditional position - closest to your heart
  2. Some opt. to not wearing their engagement ring on their wedding day and store it somewhere safe or give it to someone for safe keeping. That way you can put it on after the ceremony or put it on at a later date. 
  3. Another option is to simply wear the engagement ring on your left hand and have your groom put your wedding ring on top of it. Later you can switch your rings or leave them as is. 
Vivien + Austin Wedding - Ceremony

In anything related to your wedding day...

 My advise will ALWAYS be do what works best for you.

If you don't feel comfortable doing something...change tradition! This is the same for how you'd like to wear your wedding ring and/or engagement ring. It may seem silly but honestly no one will notice what you do, so what works for you! 

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