Your Wedding Day is right around the corner and we have compiled a list of tips for your wedding day. Some of these tips are 'No Brainers', and you have probably already planned for it, but please read through them as more than a few will definitely help in making your day go by smoothly and stress free! 

Wedding Day Emergency Kit – Be sure to have one handy! Here's a quick list of what you could put in it: sewing kit, tylenol, allergy pills, tissues, pens, paper, lady products, bobby pins, nail clipper, tweezer, deodorant, vaseline, wet wipes, baby powder, sunscreen, disposable razors, lip gloss, hair spray, chapstick, eyedrops, contact solution, Tums, Pepto, Immodium, spare batteries, phone charger, lint roller, static guard, bleach pen, wrinkle releaser, safety pins, clear nail polish, q-tips, super glue, scissors, and even extra earring backs and necklace clasps. Also, don't forget an umbrella and a pretty hanger for your dress! 

Eat a Snack – We don’t want any fainting! Weddings can get so busy that couples forget to eat their own dinner, so it’s important to have a snack ahead of time -just in case. In fact, you may be hungry after the wedding. Ask your caterer to pack extra meals for later so you have something to take back with you to the hotel room. 

Drink Lots of Water – You’re going to be busy and on your feet all day. You don’t want to be dehydrated.

Review Your Dress Bustle – Believe it or not this is one of the biggest “time-sucks” at weddings! It’s probably been awhile since you picked up your dress and tried out the bustle. Some dress shops give instructions for the bustle and some don’t. Figuring out a bustle on the day of a wedding can take time, so try it out beforehand and make sure you know how it works and that a bridesmaid or family member does too. 

Leave a Window Cleared – We love shooting near window light, so when you are setting up and bringing things into your Bridal Suite, keep stuff away from the window and that will leave me space to photograph you in absolutely fantastic lighting. 

Yes, They should be dressed - I highly recommend that your Bridesmaids, Maid or Matron of Honor, Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom be dressed and fully ready before you put your dress on. If you have special Bridesmaids Robes or outfits that you want photographed during prep, I recommend they have their hair & makeup done (or at least majority of it) before our arrival. This will allow us to really focus on YOU!

Your Detail Items - I'm sure you want beautiful detail photos of your Wedding dress, shoes, jewelry, invitations/stationary, perfume, etc. I recommend putting all of the smaller items in a shoebox or bag near your wedding gown so we have all of your items together. You may not want to put your rings in the shoebox, but keep in mind that we will definitely ask for them.

Keep the Bouquets in Water – Try to keep your flowers in water for as long as possible. If you do photos beforehand, take them, and then put them back into the water before the ceremony. Nothing kills bouquets faster than holding them for ages before the ceremony and walking down the aisle with wilted flowers. lso, make sure to have a towel handy to dry off the wet stems -most bridal/bridesmaid dress material is not water-friendly.

Carry Your Bouquets at the Waist – You will automatically want to hold your bouquet really high. When you hold it up by your chest it reflects colors onto your skin that becomes difficult to color correct, plus it makes your bust look bigger. Keep your bouquets held low at the waist so you look slim and amazing. 

Hold Hands During Your Ceremony – This is probably a super weird tip right? Sometimes people forget to tell you these things, but it looks super awkward during your ceremony photos if you are standing 5 feet apart and not touching. To encourage the little giggles, small glances, and romance during the ceremony make sure you hold hands. 

Ask the Officiant to Move – During your rehearsal ask your officiant to step to the side when they announce your first kiss. Nothing looks worse in photos than the officiant’s face in between your lips.

Cake Stands – Keep your cake nice and happy by asking the catering staff (or anyone who can help) to remove the cake stand underneath before you cut it. If you have a nice sturdy cake stand you shouldn’t have to worry about it tipping over, but if you have a really fun one sometimes the pressure of a knife can make a mess of the cake and you. 

How to Cut the Cake – If the caterers or the baker don’t tell you how to cut the cake before you dive into it, just ask me! I’ve seen (and cut) dozens of wedding cakes and I can show you quickly before the moment how to do it correctly -for your photo's!!! :)

Best time to feed us - No one likes photos taken while they're eating, so please remind your caterer/coordinator to serve us our dinner at the same time you are served your dinner. This way, we'll be ready to go when you're ready to go! Especially if we want to get some amazing sunset photos! 

Radio Communications - Please don't fret -and make sure to tell your entourage not to fret as well, our entire team is connected by radio's and we'll make sure you don't see one another before it's time!

Don’t Worry About Time – Really! I’ll keep us on schedule as much as possible, but your job is to enjoy your day. If that means things run a little late because you’re having a great time, then don’t worry about it! ***Don't forget to fill out your wedding day questionnaire***

BREATHE - Enjoy your day. Know that we've got you covered. You are our number one priority -your day is about you and although we are celebrating with you -we know that we have a job to do, and we absolutely live for it!

Enjoy your day and Know that we've got you covered

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