Daniel and I were so excited to head to Jeffrey Mansion in Columbus, Ohio to meet Terence and Ed. We always tend to take photos in the winter time there but when we arrived I was FREAKING OUT! The trees where some of the prettiest ones I have ever seen. Pink, purple, and white... and apparently it was the place to be for seniors and family shoots. We ran into about 4 other photographers. We decide to keep hidden in the many passageways of the castle. 

Eventually it cleared out, then our couple became super relaxed and we started to have some real fun. I was in love with the lighting and couldn't stop taking pictures of them! It was wonderful.

Then, to top everything off Terence told me there would be HARRY POTTER wands at the wedding and he made extras! 


Ed proposed to Terence in July of 2016. Terence had just gotten back from a week at the farm when he opened the door to find his edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone open with a "new chapter" added. The chapter picked up as "we" walked through the door to find Fluffy the three headed dog and the trap door. We needed to come up with a plan to get to the Sorcerer's Stone before Professor Snape. Once we had a plan we could go through the trap door and into the next room. 

In the next room was a Nimbus 2000 as well as a trail of pictures of all of Terence and Ed's adventures over the years, hanging from the ceiling. On the back of each picture Ed wrote the things he loved about it. After carefully looking at and reading each picture, Terence and Ed followed the trail of pictures into the next room.

In the final room, they came to The Mirror of Erised surrounded by candles. Ed told Terence to look into the mirror, think about what he desired the most, and to then close his eyes. After doing so, Ed told Terence to open his eyes. This is when Terence found Ed on one knee with a ring is his hand. Ed asked Terence to marry him and with happy tears streaming down his face, Terence said yes!


Terence and Ed met online in December 2010. After talking for a few weeks they decided to meet in person at a Pittsburgh Penguins practice in Southpointe, PA. After hitting it off at the Pens practice they decided to hang out the next week and that is when Terence met Ed's parents (Dora & Richard). Dora, who was under the impression that Terence and Ed had been friends for a while, invited Terence to go on a ski trip to Holiday Valley. Unsure, Terence nervously accepted the invitation and went to New York two weeks later with Ed and his family. The ski trip was awkward and challenging for both Ed and Terence, however, a love for skiing was born as well as a love for each other.

It was my absolute goal to get Ed to smile for real. I loved seeing our couples joke and have fun. Can’t wait for their wedding day.
— Gina

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