MISTAKE #1: Trying to Incorporate EVERY Detail of your Wedding into your Invitations Design

Adding personal touches and elements to your invites design is always a good idea. However, when you love your dress, venue, and flowers trying to add them all into your invites can be a bit much! Less really is more. Your invites are supposed to simply give a glimpse of your festivities as well as adding all the need-to-know info. So, think simple! 

WEDDING TIP: As your photographer, my advice is this: think about your details. That's usually the time we want to take your invite photos so think about how they will look with your wedding details. Look at Tiffany's details above, they all fall into the white,  blush, and silver family and I LOVE THEM!! She did a great job. 

MISTAKE #2: Typos

This can be an easy thing to miss! I don't know how many times I've written something only to read it later and find ALL THE MISTAKES! With the new trend to create invites online (a fantastic idea) it's even easier to miss mistakes. Having a someone check over your design before finalizing your order is a good option. 

MISTAKE #3: Using Too Much Color

Pops of colors can sometimes be AWESOME but this is a time to not get too carried away. Balance is KEY! If you decide to use bright colors balance them with neutrals. 

WEDDING TIP: Always make sure the text is visible. That's the main point and we definitely want your guests to be able to read your details! 

MISTAKE #4: Waiting Too Long To Hire a Calligrapher

The worst thing to happen would be to put a rush on your invites causing you to stress and in most cases even pay more. You want to book your calligrapher when you book your stationer. 

EXTRA TIP: Don't forget to think about signs for your wedding. If you are planning on having special signs made also think about calligraphy for your invites! How perfect! OR, simply having someone write on the invites you save for your photographers! 

TO MY BRIDESMAIDS: When in doubt bring an invite in your bag. I don't know how many times I've had a bridesmaid save the day by simply having an invite! 

MISTAKE #5: Addressing the Envelopes Yourself

Think about it...addressing all those invites take time. More often then not stationers or websites offer the service at little to no charge. Take it! One less thing to worry about. However, if you do decide to do it yourself, don't do it all in one sitting and give yourself plenty of time. Then it becomes less of a chore. 


MISTAKE #6: Giving Guests too Much Time to Reply

If you give your guests too much time to reply chances are they could misplace their RSVP card or forget about it altogether! We don't want that!! Giving about 3 - 4 weeks after your invitation is received is a good amount of time. 

MISTAKE #7: Over-Ordering OR Not Ordering Enough

There are two sides to this, ordering too many or not enough. One the one hand, not every single guest needs and invite. Make sure to look at your guest list and send invites to houses or families. On the other hand, order at least 25% extra just in case you have late additions, lost invites, and some for keepsakes! 

WEDDING TIP: Don't forget to save an invites for your photographers on your wedding day. You can simply send it to them so they have it or remember to bring in on the day of. We want to take photos of your lovely invites!!

MISTAKE #8: Forgetting to Put Stamps on the Reply Envelope

This is sometimes a forgotten detail. It's also super hard to reopen your envelope once it's been sealed. 

WEDDING TIP: Something to think about, having your guest RSVP online. That way it's all in one place and you wouldn't have to add a stamp. One less thing. 

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