We were really excited to meet Kelly & Dan in Short North. I absolutely love it there, the loud noises and city feel without being completely downtown. You walk no more than a couple of feet and find new inspiration so this was our backdrop for two of our mini's tonight. 

When Kelly & Dan walked up I couldn't gush enough about Kelly's dress! It was absolutely perfect for a night stroll around the Short North. We had so much fun with these two. Thanks for wandering around the back alleys with me as the leader. It's always an experience. You were both so natural! We are all so excited for your upcoming wedding the end of May at The Bluestone

You were both a dream to shoot. Thanks for wandering the streets with us! 


Dan and Kelly have made it a tradition to go back to Chicago each Thanksgiving to celebrate with Kelly's family. Dan suggested that it might be nice to take a trip down memory lane and visit UChicago to meet up with a fellow college friend Joséphine, who was in town from New York. The three enjoyed breakfast at the Medici on 57th, and afterwards Dan suggested they take a walk through the quads and buy some Christmas gifts at the bookstore. Joséphine agreed that she really wanted to go there too. As they got to the center of the quads, Kelly and Joséphine were chatting with Dan trailing behind. Kelly heard Dan clear his throat behind her, but kept walking until Joséphine nudged her and suggested she might want to turn around. To Kelly's great surprise, Daniel was down on one knee, as Joséphine began running around them snapping pictures from all angles!

Unbeknownst to Kelly, Dan had talked with Kelly's father earlier that week over coffee about his plans to propose. In all the excitement, Kelly's father posted on Facebook about how thrilled he was to get a new son-in-law, almost spoiling the surprise a day early but making for a funny engagement story (thanks social media!)


"When Dan Met Kelly"

Kelly and Dan's story began as friends at the University of Chicago. It was a typical Harry Met Sally story minus the graphic scene from Katz's Deli! While they only lived a few floors apart in the same dorm at school, it would be a year before their paths finally crossed.

Dan first noticed Kelly in a dorm room during a Halloween party. It turned out they had mutual friends, and it wasn't long after that they started hanging out at each other's apartments, school events and parties. Over a few years of dating other people and supporting each other through good times and bad, what persisted was their deep friendship. Dan made sure to enroll in the same Latin American History course as Kelly, seeing that her pre-med classes were out of his reach. Often before class, they would stop in at the nearby music hall, where Dan would show off his piano skills in a secret effort to woo her. During Dan's last quarter before graduation, they realized that there was something more between them and began dating that spring in Chicago.

While Kelly finished her senior year, Dan took a job in Madison, WI, which began a two-year, long distance relationship. Kelly applied and got accepted to the MD/PhD program at The Ohio State University, and they began their next chapter together in Columbus, OH with their newly adopted kitten Lucy! Kelly and Dan have loved living in Columbus and making their home there. Some of their favorite activities include visits to the Columbus Zoo, walking dogs at the Humane Society, and grabbing fresh sticky buns from Pattycake Bakery on Saturday mornings.

So thankful I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend!
— Dan (day of their proposal)

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