When we met up with Ashley & Kyle at the corner by Jeni's, Ashley walked right up to us with the biggest smile and the cutest ideas. Her plan involved Champagne in the streets and a quick drink at a local shop. This I could definitely work with. We started out with the ice breakers then went straight to the popping bottles...that's the right phrase right? We made them stand in the middle of a back street, like any other sane photographer, and they uncorked that bottle. Apparently missing two innocent bystanders while looking absolutely adorable. The couple wandered by laughing that they had wondered where the cork had come from. 

Once we were done with those adorable shots we headed to Homefare Kitchen & Cocktails, and super cute little place for a drink, can I mention that the burgers they were serving looked AMAZING! Our mouths were definitely watering. While we waited for their drinks we wondered around the area and grabbed a couple more shots before they settled into the window seat for their drinks. What a perfect end to a perfect night. 



Shortly after dating, Kyle and I took a trip together to Mexico. He told me there he was going to marry me one day. Our relationship obviously continued and flourished over time. We had another trip to Mexico planned for the Spring of 2016. Kyle had been studying for his Columbus Real Estate Agent test for a few weeks leading up to the trip. He took the test the day before departure and, of course, passed! Vacation was off to a great start already! We got to the hotel and settled in for a few days. Kyle had gotten me an excursion for my birthday, so I picked a day filled with kayaking, zip lining, snorkeling and cave repelling. Surprisingly, the description NEVER mentioned cliff jumping! The very first adventure was an 8 foot cliff, which Kyle held my hand for the leap into the water. No biggie. A few adventures later was a 28 foot cliff. Kyle immediately jumped first, leaving me behind! I'm afraid of heights, but mustered up some courage to jump. Not only did I freak out and forget how to "jump like pencil," I smacked my head on the water, Kyle had to swim over and get me, and I had an immediate headache! YIKES! We finished out the day completing the rest of the adventures, then made our way back to the hotel. As soon as we got back, Kyle told me we had a private dinner planned. We got ready and headed to the beachfront restaurant. Little did I know, the tent with a candlelit walkway on the beach was OUR private dinner! Silly me thought we were celebrating him passing his exam -- must have been the cliff jumping getting to me! Our private waiter even said "Congrats!" and I rolled with it, thinking he assumed most couples that have such a romantic dinner planned must be on their honeymoon. Kyle ordered each of us our favorite dinners and desserts. As the dessert came, Kyle dropped to a knee and asked me to spend forever with him! I said yes, and we celebrated at the roof top bar

To have and to hold, forever! We’re getting married! Meet my fiancé, Kyle.
— Ashley (day of her proposal)


Kyle and I met on match! Kyle had just moved back from North Carolina and we started messaging in September 2014. We made small talk for a few weeks, and both had traveled out of town a few weeks in a row. Kyle finally sent me a message saying "Are we going to ever meet up or what!?" And with that, we had our first date at a local burger and beer joint. We spent the evening chatting and laughing, and the rest is history! We've been talking since

The most romantic beach dinner ended with this serious bling 💍 from my best friend and partner in crime for life!
— Ashley (the day of her proposal)

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