Let's first start out by saying Daniel and I had never shot at Homestead Metro Park and I'm not even sure why!! It's too cool!! The grounds are beautiful and they take such good care of it! Secondly, I want to mention that Paige & Christian live two hours from Columbus...and that it was supposed to rain during our DID THE SHOOT ANYWAYS! Why not? Right? 

I am so glad we did. I had such a wonderful time with these two. They had me cracking up the entire time. From Christian blowing on Paige during our intimate posing to him saying he just LOVED the forehead to forehead poses because they are SO realistic! 

The on again - off again rain simply inspired us! Plus, how often do you get a rainbow in your photos? 

Shout out to this amazing couple for being down for anything. Especially, playing in the rain. We were kind of sad that once we planned to do The Notebook shot the rain was done! Come on Ohio! Here's to staying semi dry but having a wonderful evening! Can't wait for you WEDDING DAY! 


Last summer, our families went on vacation together in Myrtle Beach. Because we were going to be there on the 4th of July, we all planned to get the Old Navy flag t-shirts and take family pictures on the beach. Before we all walked out to the beach, my cousin and Christian’s sister went ahead of us so they could “get service to check their flights back home”. Little did I know they were walking out to the beach to draw a heart in the sand that said “Marry me, Paige”. As we were walking on the beach, Christian took my hand and walked me to the front of the group. When we got to the spot, I was confused because I didn’t see my cousin or his sister anywhere. Christian led me over to where the heart was (which I didn’t see!), took both my hands, and started to tear up as he told me how much he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. He turned me around to look at the heart that was drawn in the sand and when I turned back around, I saw Christian down on one knee, with the most beautiful ring I could have asked for!! Without hesitation I said “YES”!

Our engagement was so special because all I wanted was to be surprised, for close friends and family to be there to celebrate with us, and for there to be pictures. I was definitely surprised and had no idea that he was planning on asking me when he did! And as Christian says, he got me 20 photographers! I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect engagement and July 4th, 2016 will forever be one of our favorite days. We could not be more excited for this next step in our relationship and can’t wait for our future together!
— Paige
Easiest yes I’ve ever given!
— Paige (day of her proposal)


Christian and I have actually known each other for as long as I can remember because Christian and his family started coming to my church the week after I was born. Our families have always been pretty close, but because of our age difference, Christian and I never really got to know each other until I was in high school. I always thought that he was the cutest guy when I was growing up and definitely had a mini crush on him! When Christian and I first started dating, I was just starting my senior year of high school and he had just graduated from college. He had texted me after we played in a beach volleyball tournament together about the TV show Pretty Little Liars, of all things, because we had been talking about it earlier that day. He claims that he just needed an excuse to text me and that was the first thing that came to mind! I thought he was just trying to be nice and talk as friends, but I wasn’t complaining because I was secretly interested in him! We kept on talking and went on a few dates before he asked my parents’ permission to date me and we officially started dating August 25, 2013! Everyone thought we were completely crazy to try and make our relationship work because of the age difference and the fact that I was going to college a year after we started dating. But we were both so sure of our decision to start dating that we were willing to make things work no matter what. It’s been almost 4 years now and we’ve never looked back!

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