I was so excited for Sarah & Matt's engagement shoot. They are both that couple you feel like you could hang out with forever even if you have only met them once...which is kind of what happened later on that night.

They wanted to start at COSI because they are getting married there NEXT YEAR. So, we got started and instantly hit if off. They are so fun to be around! We wandered around where they would soon be getting married, played in the street, then headed to Strongwater Foods & Spirits for them to change (in the tiniest of bathrooms) and start their more casual photos. I absolutely love that area. The buildings are so industrial and wonderful! 

Sarah comes walking out of Strongwater Foods & Spirits rocking the cutest outfit I wanted to just take it home with me...if she wasn't wearing it of course. She is truly a girl after my own heart. Casual, comfy, and cute! Boom! Not to mention she decided to bring champagne that she insisted her and Matt shake up and spray all over! How fun is that? We ended the night with beers on the patio at The Land Grant Brewing Company by the fire just talking about life. All in all...a GREAT day in my book! Especially after a full day of moving for the team! GO US! 

I don't know how many times I had to stop shooting because my face hurt from smiling so much! 

This is where they will be standing when they get married next SEPTEMBER!! 

Officially together forever #wenandglen
— Sarah (the day of her proposal)


In an effort to maximize the complexity(and likelihood of sarah discovering his secret) of his proposal, Matt opted for a scavenger hunt. 

August 25th was a Thursday and undoubtedly the hottest day of 2016(95 degrees and humid). Matt decided that even if Sarah didn't say "yes" right away, she would after the realization that she couldnt escape to air conditioning without accepting the ring. Perfect. Go Time. 

Sarah's mother convinced her that there was a historical tour in kayaks(seriously how did she believe this??)on the lake of the family's favorite vacation spot, Salt Fork State Park. 

Matt was worried about giving away his secret on the 1.5 hr drive from work to Salt Fork. Someone was looking down on him though, as Sarah nodded off to nap before they were even out of the parking lot. 

The plan was for Sarah's parents to set clues throughout the park, with the ring being in the final box. The problem was that Matt had to give them a heads up about when they were arriving. After repeated unsuccessful attempts to reach them (seriously throw the guy a bone here!) Matt had to fake "stomach problems" and stopped at a port a potty just outside the park in order to delay arrival and to confirm with the parents that all the clues were set. Its safe to assume that he hadn't envisioned ending up in a hot and smelly port a potty minutes before the best moment of his life. Is this how all proposals go? This cannot be normal. 5 minutes and 2 pounds of sweat later, he emerged from the sweatbox and pressed on. 

The first stop was at Sarah's parents camper.  The clue there sent us to the boat. Sarah suggested changing into swimsuits, which was a rationale thought, so Matt had to roll with it and was thinking "I guess I'm doing this in my swim trunks".

The final stop was a small outdoor amphitheater. Sarah's mom had placed the box with a puzzle in it, with an engagement ring as the prize if Sarah could solve the puzzle. As she worked through her 5th, 6th, 7th then 8th attempt to solve the puzzle , the sweat had made its way through their shirts and both were getting lightheaded due to the heat. The proposal was about to escalate from a great life moment to a trip the ER. 

Matt had to step in. He helped Sarah get the puzzled started and after a minute or so she figured out that it spelled those four words that was about to sign them up for a life together or make for an awkward drive home. Whether it was to escape the sub-saharan heat, avoid an awkward drive home, or out of pure joy, Sarah said yes.



Columbus is where we met and fell in love. 

It all began at Goodale Park on a Thursday evening. We had both signed up for a kickball team through work. Sarah had been promised a cute single guy and beer, and Matt was excited to play another sport. 

Sarah showed up not knowing many people, and quickly started asking peoples names without giving her own. About this time Matt called out in front of the group "Do you have a name?" much to Sarah's embarrassment. 

As Matt headed out to shortstop with a beer in his hand, Sarah rolled her eyes and hoped this wasnt the cute single guy she had been promised. After the first ball rolled through Sarahs legs at second base, she quickly realized Matt had a competitive streak in him, even if it was just intramural kickball. Matt hoped this girl wouldnt cost them the game. 

After the loss, the team headed to Bar Louie where Matt & Sarah strategically sat next to each other, both secretly hoping their chemistry was better off the kickball field. As it turned out, it was dueling pianos on the patio. Sarah requested Hang on Sloopy, while Matt requested Wagon Wheel. The first song played was the winner, with the loser having to pick up the tab. Hang on Sloopy was the winner, and Matt had to pay. 

He's been paying for it ever since.

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