It had been a bit since our last engagement session so Rachel and Aaron's shoot was a perfect start to the season. Who doesn't LOVE engagement session season? I know I love it. It's also a fantastic time to see our couples again!! That was exactly the case with this couple. When I found them -LOOKING AMAZING BY THE WAY- they had the biggest smiles and were so ready to get started. When we normally start photos it's a little awkward, I mean you do have a few camera's around capturing how you interact, but these two were COMPLETE naturals. There was no warming up they owned it from the moment we started taking photos.


I honestly believe fun times simply follow this couple around because they have this relationship that radiates goofy faces and lots of laughs. It's impossible to not laugh when these two get together. I don't know how many times they would be lost in their own worlds of goofiness and Rachel would say, "Oh no! Did I ruin the shot?" They are relationship goals for sure! From their goofy personalities to their love for literally scaring each other to Rachel's complete fail at a certain jump/kick. We so enjoyed spending the entire evening with you both. With the ridiculous Morph suit man to an AMAZING sunset to drinks in the Short North. The team truly had a BLAST!

Also, super glad Aaron didn't get hangry!! You made it though... and then Brett and I smashed some nachos. What a night! 


Honestly, I couldn’t have been farther from surprised. Aaron and I always try to do a nice dinner date night together around Christmas before we both go home to see our families. But, I had no idea how different this dinner was going to be from all the others…

We ended up going to one of our favorite restaurants, The Guild House, where we ended up getting the nicest table in the restaurant right in the center next to this big gorgeous fireplace. From here on out, things started to get funny (looking back on it now at least lol). First, I requested the fireplace to be turned down because I was immediately burning up right when we sat down (I didn’t know that Aaron specifically picked out this table weeks ago). Aaron is also known to eat everything on his plate and mine, and he was not eating ANYTHING…big time nerves apparently haha. He’s also never been one to be texting or using his phone at all when we go out to dinner, yet I was finding that he was doing it quite often, and getting pretty upset with him.

It’s now time for the dessert to come out…and all I remember is being so confused because I see this beautiful chocolate torte that I’d been craving, but with a box right next to it. Honestly I just froze, because I was convinced there was no way there was a ring in that box, and I thought he was just messing with me and got me a pair of earrings. Then he took the box, got down on one knee in front of the entire restaurant and proposed.

That’s when I realized that he had been texting with the waiter about when to bring the ring out. All was forgiven, and I couldn’t wait to text/call everyone about our engagement. Little did I know though, the surprise wasn’t over. Aaron rushed me next door to The Joseph Hotel to get celebratory drinks, and as we walked through the door, I was staring into the faces of all our family and friends!

After being surprised twice in the most amazing way that night, I learned two things about my fiancé…1-He is an amazing liar (which is mildly concerning) and 2- He is beyond the most thoughtful man I’ve ever met. He truly is my best friend, and has brought more happiness into my life than I ever thought possible. I could not have dreamt up a more magical night, and it was all thanks to him.


Aaron and I met a little over 3 years ago at a pool party at an apartment complex he had just moved into with a mutual friend of mine that weekend. We both have two different views on this story, but the way I remember it was that I showed up with a couple of friends, started making some cocktails, introduced myself to Aaron (which I thought was super cute minus his teen werewolf chest hair haha), and eventually started playing some drinking games where Aaron challenged me to some floating beer pong. I of course took him up on this challenge because I’m naturally very competitive, and I especially loved beating guys at any type of game. Well, unfortunately this time I lost, (barely) because I’m pretty sure he cheated, but he’ll say differently. Anyways we ended up hanging out for the rest of the afternoon…snuck off from our friends and played some volleyball, went back to our friend’s apartment where they were continuing the party, and that’s when Aaron decided to sneak in the first kiss. I was not mad about it at all <3

Eventually everyone was heading home to clean up, and we all decided to meet back up at mine and my roommates house later that evening for some drinks before we went out. Aaron ended up coming over with his roommate Matt and some friends and we all just ended up going out that night downtown. This is where I got really confused by Aaron. I thought we had hit it off during the day, but while we were out that night he didn’t once offer to buy me a drink (which is no big deal, but I expected he would at least offer to buy me a bud light or something). That being said, I just kept offering to buy him drinks instead, got irritated and asked his roommate Matt what the problem was and why he wasn’t buying me any drinks. Come to find out, Aaron was having a completely different conversation with Matt saying how awesome I was because I kept buying him drinks.

And the rest is history. We were inseparable since that night, and soon after started dating. 

Never did I think I’d fall for a beer pong “cheating”, werewolf looking, and a refusing to buy me a drink kind of guy, but he somehow turned into my prince charming, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
— Rachel <3

Don’t know what I did to deserve you, but you’ve brought me more happiness in the past 3 years than I thought was ever possible. Thank you for being the most supportive, thoughtful, selfless, and caring guy that I could ever ask for. I can’t wait to spend forever with you and continue to create more unbelievable memories. Love you so much Aaron Linder
— Rachel, Facebook post from September 3rd 2017

A cute champagne fight turned into a straight champagne WAR!!

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