I had been talking to Ashley in the recent weeks about her engagement session so I was thrilled to see them! We instantly knew who they were when they walked up! The big smiles and matching converse kicks said it all.


This title says it all, these two were pros on the tandem bike! It was so fun to have them riding around the Scioto Mile. Once we finished at Scioto Mile we headed to Hoover Damn -no need to draw attention to our smoke bombs in the middle of downtown. Ashley & Tyler followed us, while Ashley changed in the car. This girl has mad skills! We headed to the coolest wooded area near an actual frisbee golf hole... is that even what that is called? So much laughter... -I think I made it my mission to make them laugh as often as I could. All we had to say was 'Dewey's'... they had pizza on the brain. 

Now comes the fun part. We decided to do our smoke bombs by the waters edge away from everyone as to not be in everyones business. You know, trying to be thoughtful. It was going great and we were having a blast! We finished up as a boat is headed towards big thing...nope, a ranger. Shout out to that guy for being so kind to a couple of crazy photographers trying to take awesome photos! Totally worth it! 


"For years, Tyler told me that he would never propose on a holiday because he didn't want me to be disappointed when holidays came and went without the big bling bling. Therefore, going into Thanksgiving last year, I had pretty much accepted the fact that there would be no proposal until at least March. I had to finish classed for my Masters and graduation was quickly approaching, as was Christmas! So, Tyler made dinner reservations at our favorite restaurant in the Short North to celebrate. So, we get ready for dinner and as we are walking out the door, I notice he has a wrapped gift in his hand. I didn't realize he was bring a gift, so I made sure he know that I did NOT have a fist for him ready - which he said was fine. I was actually really excited - I love lottery tickets, and it looked to be almost the right size  - so I'm thinking "Sweet! I get dinner at Marcella's and THEN I get to go home and play cashword!" He was super weird at dinner, and spent a lot of time on his phone, AND he left his wrapped gift sitting on the table THE ENTIRE DINNER! After dinner, we walked back to the car which was parked along Goodale Park. When we got close to the car, he said, "Oh, let's go up her to the gazebo." That's when I knew something was up. When we got up  to the gazebo, he handed me the gift to unwrap - which said give this back to Tyler - and he read me a letter he wrote to me. Of course, he got down on his knee and I said, "DUH" at least 5 times. It was a perfect moment and I get to read that letter whenever I want! Needless to say, I did not get to play cashword and I clearly did not care." -Ashley

Cherry Vodka Red Bull and Harrison's on Third

Tyler was out with his friend, Jef and I met his sister, Emily, to watch Ohio State play Kentucky in the final four. So, Ashley went to see Emily, who went to high school with Montana, who worked with Megan, who was dating Jeff, who worked with Tyler - one of those situations. We didn't really talk at all at first, but at some point, Tyler ended up next to me at the bar and ordered a carry vodka and Red Bull - and the first thing I remember saying to him was, "if you don't get away from me, I'm going to puke on your shoes." Classy, I know. But, I was really hung over from a night of drinking (what else, but of course my favorite cherry vodka Red Bull). We spent the rest of the night talking baseball and college football (I had to confirm that he wasn't a Michigan fan). At the end of the night, both our phones were dead, so Tyler found a piece of paper in his wallet and we exchanged numbers. There have been so many hilarious and "seriously?!" moments since then - like showing up to our second date wearing the same pair of chucks or giving each other custom necklace (from the same place that say almost the same thing) that make make life so fun! The rest is history! 

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