We were super excited to be shooting at Scioto Audubon Park because of the time of year. It was full of color and exactly what Lauren & Adam were looking for. When we met up, we rounded the corner and saw two GIANT PUPS!! I feel like we haven't seen pups in awhile so that's always a fun addition -and they do tricks! They had the sweetest personalities and brought so much fun to the session... Shout out to Sarah for playing with the pups and being an awesome help. 


The day may have been a hot one... WHERE IS FALL!?!?! But, Lauren & Adam did a great job. We were so inspired we kept jumping from place to place, almost forgetting about the heat. There were plenty of fun props and laughs to go around. Thanks so much for hanging out with us. Super jealous about your Cane's dinner. I don't know why I didn't think of that. We simply cannot wait until your wedding next year! 


"I can say that I was surprised when he asked me to marry him, but to be fair it was a long time coming. He knew he wanted to marry me the night he asked me to be his girlfriend. He wanted to ask me a couple of times throughout the last couple years by subtly hinting towards it, but somehow I would kind of ruin it for him without knowing I was, so he patiently waited.

Chicago was the very first place we traveled together after dating for about 7 months.  We just spontaneously decided to go to Chicago and it was the most amazing time. I wasn’t surprised this time around when Adam impulsively wanted to travel and go to Chicago in June of 2016 because that just seemed to be a thing we did. Although, I kind of figured if he was going to propose it had to be this trip because I just graduated college a month before that, we just moved in together, and the biggest stressor of all, my nursing licensure examine was over. He explained that this trip was a mini two day get away for us so I could forget about worrying whether or not I passed the test, but we both knew his end game. He was not tricking me and I was not ruining it this time. As soon as we got to Chicago, we went to eat at Giordano’s and then set out to Navy Pier to walk off our deep dish pizza. Navy Pier was our self-designated favorite place after our first trip here. We walked there stopping at the beach, right before you get to the pier, for a couple of pictures. We then continued on to the Pier. Once we arrived at Navy Pier, we were surprised at how different it looked. We really wanted to ride the Ferris wheel as we did the last time because the views of the city were amazing from there but, they had renovated the Ferris wheel to where it was a glass box and not as open as it was when we first rode it. And because we are young, it was a little pricier than we remember. We kept walking down the pier just enjoying each other’s company and the atmosphere. We weren’t quite at the end when we saw the pathway was blocked off for a wedding. We observed other people ignoring the signs of Do Not Enter so we decided to follow the crowd so we could make it all the way to end. Once we reached the end of the pier, we found a nice bench (now known as our bench) to rest on after our long walk. I remember us talking about having our wedding in Chicago because we could see the wedding they were setting up there. We decided Chicago was our own special place and not really the place for the wedding.  Soon after our discussion, I took out my phone to take a snap of us on snapchat with the cool Navy pier filter; it was very millennial of me. Then the next moments went by way too fast. I can only remember watching Adam get to one knee from sitting on the bench. In the moment I know what he said to me was beautiful, thoughtful and romantic because that is how he is but now neither us can remember the exact words, we just remember the most important three lettered word and the way we both felt. Even though we had already hit some milestones in our relationship by moving in together after having a long distance relationship, this felt like the good nervousness I felt all over again when I was first meeting him. It was such a pure happiness feeling that one person is meant for you and you them.

We then celebrated our engagement by buying drinks at a little outside bar stand on the pier. We sat down and drank Henry’s Hard soda at a table with a view of Lake Michigan and Navy pier. We finished celebrating the night with taking one of the speed boat tours out in the water for the pier’s fireworks night. June 15th, 2016 was the perfect day and we can’t wait to add June 15th, 2018 to our perfect day list." -Lauren


"Adam and I met almost 5 years ago at the beginning of February in 2013. I remember exactly
where I was when I found out Adam was interested in me. He Facebook messaged my roommate (my sorority sister) who went to high school with him. He asked her if she would “hook” us up. She yelled from her room into mine “Lauren, a boy has a crush on you!!!” I was filled with excitement but then I thought hold on a minute Lauren, who could it be. She then yelled “Adam, from basketball, it’s ADAM!!”. (I later found out that he told my roommate he had a junior high crush on me in that message). I honestly had no idea who Adam was. We had only played maybe one or two games together so far but apparently he knew who I was. But, despite the fact I didn’t know which one he was, I told my roommate it was okay to give him my number. I was very excited to talk to him but he made me wait like 5 WHOLE HOURS before he texted me. It is kind of funny because our first conversation was about food (Panera mac n cheese) and shoes. I was at Panera eating mac n cheese when he texted me and he was out buying new shoes. Not much has changed between us. Fast forward to me actually putting a face to the name and all of the get to know you messages we shared, I felt so completely nervous to see him. It wasn’t even the first time seeing him but me actually recognizing him. My roommate pointed Adam out to me. I remember thinking oh my gosh the cute one likes me, thank goodness. He was the fraternity boy dedicated to his fraternity with the letters shaved into his head. Yup, I fell in love with Adam even with those dang letters shaved in his head. I have to mention that part because we joke about it every now and then and just laugh about it. I was the team captain for our intramural basketball team, and named him the MVP that game 90% because I liked him and 10% because he was pretty good. We talked every day and basically were with one another as much as we
could be the next two weeks after that. Around that 2 week mark, my Sorority was having our annual Formal Dance. Adam made it official that night and asked me to be his girlfriend. Since then, we have been teammates in life and Adam has been my MVP." -Lauren

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