Shout out to Ohio for making it feel like the middle of Summer instead of the season it actually is...FALL! But, this couple didn't let the 90 degree weather deter them from their fall attire! I was so excited when Allison showed up looking exactly how fall should look and pulled a pumpkin out of the car too. Yassssss! Even though we aren't feeling the weather of fall we can still pretend it, right? 


This couple had three outfits. All perfectly FALL! They owned it and we were thrilled. Thanks for coming out in your Fall attire and pretending it was actually Fall...even though it is. You both were such a blast and it was so wonderful to wander around Franklinton with you both. Let's pray we get Fall next year for your Fall wedding <3 <3 xoxo, Gina


It was an extremely busy time of the year. It was the holiday season, I was always working and my days off were spent with my grandpa who was very ill at the time. I had come down with a double ear infection and a sinus infection, yet Josh continuously was asking me to go out and see some Christmas lights. He probably asked me for two weeks straight but I continued to say no. I came home from spending my day with my grandpa at his hospice facility, and pulled up to our apartment because we were supposed to go grocery shopping. Josh told me he made a pizza and that he couldn't come down yet and that I needed to come upstairs. I was so mad at him I almost drove off and did the shopping myself, but against my better judgement I went upstairs. I remember thinking "how dare he eat without me!!" There was a candle lit path to the christmas tree with framed pictures of us and romantic quotes along the way. On the tree there was an ornament with the year "2016" on it and the 0 was an engagement ring. there were christmas lights circling the ornament. Josh came out of our bedroom and proposed. I was beyond surprised, but I was ecstatic! My grandpa already called Josh one of his grandsons, but I was so pleased to be able to share with him it would become official before he passed. It will forever be one of my most cherished memories!



Josh and I met our junior year of high school in physics class. There was an easier physics I could have chosen to take, but for some reason I chose the hard one and I'm glad I did. I could hardly even use a graphing calculator, but since I had to ask for help, I met Josh! We became very close friends and stayed that way throughout the years, frequently going out to lunch after school and hanging out on the weekends. I went away to college and Josh stayed in Columbus, but we reconnected again our junior year of college. We finally decided to step out of the friend zone towards the end of our college career and the rest is history- we've been inseparable since. 

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