Daniel and I were so excited about this engagement session, that we headed to Granville early to wander around and check out the area. Granville is the coolest little town and looks almost like it did 100's of years ago! We saw a photo of it. All that's changed is the fact that we have cars instead of buggies now. How fun! We found some of the coolest spots. 

When Kara and Collin showed up we simply grabbed our gear and headed out. The weather was FINALLY FALL! Yesssssss. We ended up at the Buxton Inn...which apparently is haunted but didn't see any ghosts. We did however find some awesome spots for photos as we waited for their pup to show up. She had a bit of a "ruff" morning (see what I did there?). But, she rocked it out and looked perfect in all her photos! We had so much fun exploring Granville with Kara, Collin, her sister, mother, and grandmother. The whole family was there and then we got to sit down and talk about their wedding day. HOW PERFECT!! We can't wait to be back at Iron Gate for your wedding day.  - Gina


"In the fall of 2016 we had began looking at engagement rings, just getting an idea to see what I liked and everything. As we both had agreed on a ring that we both loved, Collin said from the beginning that he was never going to buy the ring with me, it would be him by hi-mself. As we had been looking I knew it would be awhile because we had just bought a house together and were remodeling the entire house. Fast forward to the spring and we had planned to take a trip with my family including my parents and sister, my grandparents and collins parents to Lake Norris in Tennessee where my family has a lake house in early June. As it was not abnormal for all of us to be together but I had a feeling that it might be happening at the lake. Collin had several times before we actually got engaged, faked proposals and would pretend to get down on one knee and then he would precede with "just kidding, maybe ill try again next week." When we had gotten to the lake in June, he was acting so WEIRD!!! I several times throughout the trip was like, is there something wrong with you because you are acting not normal! On Wednesday, June 14th, it was a beautiful morning and we were down at the dock swimming and hanging out. It was not long until it had started to rain, so everyone had gone back up to the house. As we all sat inside hanging out and talking (still in our bathing suits and cover ups) Collin had gone downstairs and changed his clothes to actually look decent but I did not think anything of it because if you know Collin this was not abnormal. We have a 4 x 4 razor that we use to go riding in the mountains on trails and such. It had stopped raining and Collin had asked if I wanted to go for a ride. I said that I did not want to go. After being extremely difficult and Collin bugging me, I said fine I will go but just for a short ride. We usually go the same route except this time Collin took me for what seemed the longest ride ever!! I was complaining and asked to go back to the house and he was like oh just a little bit longer. I reached over to touch Collin's leg while he was driving and he freaked out because even though I did not know it at the time but the ring was in his pocket. This caused a little argument which preceded with me saying "I do not know what is going on with you but you have been acting so weird this week." If only i knew what was about to happen. We were riding through the mountains and came to a point where we could get out and walk to the water. When we got out our families were on the boat with a big sign that said "Kara will you Marry Me" and I looked back and he was down on one knee! It was a wonderful day and we were both so blessed that our families were there to share it with us." -Kara 


"Collin and I were introduced in the spring of 2015 at a baseball game by a mutual friend. We did not meet again until at the Jake Owen Concert in July. Collin came up to me and asked if he could have my number. I put my number in his phone and it was not until the beginning of August that he had texted me. After going on a couple dates, I asked him to go on a weekend trip with my family white water rafting in West Virginia. Which was completely not something I usually would have done but I am so glad I did! Collin and I have been together ever since and we love living and doing life together!" -Kara

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