Caitlin & Jordan wanted a natural backdrop for their couples session. The woods and waterfalls at Indian Run Falls Park was a perfect combination for them -not to mention it happened to be an absolute beautiful Spring day! We adventured through the trails, fallen trees, stream, and waterfalls. And golden hour was nothing short of epic. 

Caitlin & Jordan were officially engaged on November 25, 2016 and have been together for almost four years. They'll be tying the knot this Fall in Mechanicsburg, Ohio. We're excited to capture their love this coming September!   


In November 2016 we went to Canada. One night we went out to dinner during the Toronto Christmas Festival and I noticed Jordan was acting funny, but I brushed it off. Afterward we walked around the festival and came to a large heart installation. Couples were lining up to take their picture under it and Jordan asked if I wanted to. At our turn, Jordan handed a camera to the attendant while I ran under the heart. We took several cheesy pictures until he asked for one more. He then got down on one knee and my hands automatically went to my face. He forgot what he wanted to say and I forgot to say anything, until a few moments later I nodded. Everyone in line cheered and yelled congratulations, it was so surreal.

We called our parents from the hotel and they were ecstatic but not surprised. Unbeknownst to me, Jordan had asked for their permission before the trip.
— Caitlin


Jordan messaged me through an online dating site. His first words were “Hello. It’s a greeting and a Lionel Richie song.” I knew he was special (and had a good sense of humor) from the beginning.

Coordinating a time to meet ended up being harder than expected, so he suggested I meet him at his holiday work party. I told him that sounded like it could be the best or worst date ever. He said he was confident it would not be the worst. I was not as confident, but I met him anyway at Franklin Park Conservatory on a snowy December day. It was definitely not the worst date ever, but it was pretty awkward not knowing anyone there, including my date. We walked around the indoor gardens and later had drinks and talked at a local bar.
— Caitlin


We looked at several stores for a coordinated look that would add to the photos rather than distract from them. We wanted something timeless, so we went with a button-down and jeans for Jordan and a sundress for me. Both outfits ended up coming from Abercrombie. It worked out because the colors went together perfectly.

We both wanted to be comfortable in what we wore, and not feel like we were wearing something that wasn’t us. Shopping for an outfit was fun and surprisingly easy as we both contributed feedback on how everything looked and felt.
— Caitlin, on what they wore


Be true to yourself as a couple. If you are outdoorsy, don’t try to make a fancy ballroom work just because you think it will look better (or vice versa). Because when you look back at the pictures years later, they won’t reflect what’s important to you. Also, enjoy the process and laugh when things get awkward. The expressions will be genuine and the memories will be even more special.


In a word: amazing. Brett and Elle are so friendly and down to earth that they really make the session. They captured everything we wanted and more in terms of location, poses, and expressions. Elle got right down in the water with us, while Brett guided us from look to look. It really put us at ease to laugh and joke during the whole process. And it’s gratifying to see who we are as a couple reflected in the photos.

Having photos taken does not come naturally to either of us, so we were both a little nervous. But Brett and Elle made us feel at ease during the entire session. Their guidance was very helpful, from showing us where to place our hands, to letting us know what facial expressions to make. But they balanced the direction by encouraging us to be us—laughing at funny moments and smiling at each other—and those candid photos ended up being our favorite.
— Caitlin

We didn’t incorporate any props but we did want the photos to be outdoorsy to reflect our personalities. We chose Indian Run Falls for the natural beauty and varied scenery, and we even got a little hiking and wading in during the session.
— Caitlin
Making each other smile or laugh was fun. Sometimes it was accidental and other times we whispered inside jokes to each other. Also seeing Elle practically sitting in the water to capture that perfect angle was awesome and showed total dedication.
— Caitlin, on what made their session memorable.


If you plan on getting wet, bring a change of clothes! I didn’t realize until we were getting ready to leave that I had left my clean clothes at home, so I spent the ride home sitting on a trash bag.

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